Resources and Staff - Adam's European Contracting Inc.

Resources & Staff

Our company believes in hiring the best people in their field.  All of our staff from project management, estimating, foreman, union workers and administrative are professional leaders and they value integrity and client service. Adam’s European Contracting Inc. has many well established affiliations with multiple Local Unions within New York, such as Local Union No. 1, providing us with quality bricklayers and allied craft-workers, Local Union No. 79, with skilled Mason Tenders and Local Union No. 8, with roofers, waterproofers and allied workers. We also have excellent affiliations with other unions such as Local Union 1536 and its affiliates that provide our company with carpenters, Local Union 14-14B & 15-15B, with operating engineers, and Local Union No. 731, with concrete excavators and common laborers. Local Union No. 28 provides Adam’s European with sheet metal workers, Local Union No. 46, with reinforcing ironworkers, Local Union No. 580, with ornamental ironworkers, and Local Union No. 9, with painters. Local Union No. 7 provides us with tile setters, marble setters, and tile finishers, Local Union No. 780, with cement masons, and lastly Local Union No. 1010, with highway pavers.

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